About Me

One day I was listening to a podcast about Neitchze.     It was suggested that finding your passion in your past could be the route to your greatest self.

When I was a child I was hungry- ravenous even, for the written word. I would read a book a week, sometimes I would pick up a book at the library not realizing I picked it out just a year before.

When I moved away for school at CSCUI I had more boxes of books than clothes or shoes combined. Every year I needed new notebooks because even pages absent of geometric figures or dates from historical events were filled with stories and thoughts I felt compelled to write down.

Yet I never considered writing as a profession. Not until Neitchze.

Now, at 28 years old, with 12 years of restaurant management experience behind me (I wanted to own my own restaurant), I intend to follow my past's passion of writing, and it all starts here.





A Health Foodie


My second love has always been food. As an Argentinian/Mexican/American food has always been the center of every social gathering.

I grew up eating asado and drinking yerba mate with my grandparents. Food has always been a communal experience. The table is a place to trade memories and desires, build relationships, and lay the foundation for a home.

My passion for food is part of why I write and what I love to write about. It is also what drove me to work in the restaurant industry. The industry made me the hard working, detail oriented, and direct person I am today.

Working in restaurants also developed my sense of adventure. Whether its bone marrow, or cricket snacks, I am open to all new foods, and new food experiences.

Check out my blog for reviews, recipes, and reactions.


Gluten-Free Gladiator

So there I was, minding my own business, enjoying my lovely food filled life when I received the worst news anyone could give a foodie.


You. Have. Celiac. Disease.


For all those who choose not to eat gluten, you have no idea what kind of soul-crushing news this is.

At first I rejected the idea that any Argentinian could have Celiac Disease, but the effects on my health quickly caught up to my delusions and I had to change the way I eat.

Now, I am a source not only for gluten-free gladiators but for all health foodies. Just because I am a health nut, doesn't mean I'm not a flavor fiend.

I pride myself on my gluten-free knowledge of beer, bread, pizza, pasta and more. Check out my blog for recommendations and reviews



Being a mom has never been easy, and despite all our technology and advancements, it doesn't seem to be getting easier.

I have a lot of expectations for my child (which I am prepared to have crushed.) But, for the moment, I am determined to raise a decent human through example, discipline, and love.

I am by no means the perfect parent, and I believe no one should expect themselves to be. We are all human, and the differences in how we were raised and choose to raise, are part of what makes our communities so dynamic.


I don't believe in mom shaming or shaming of any kind.


I do believe every mom is a supermom

I do believe every woman is a superwoman.

I do believe we can raise a better generation- as mothers, sisters, aunts, mentors, teachers, and beyond.

I do believe we can support each other, and in doing so, exemplify how to build a stronger community.


Feel free to reach out with stories, experiences, or just to be heard. This may be my portfolio site, but it is also a platform to connect.