How and Where to Complain About Your ISP                             (Internet Service Provider)

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If you need to resolve an issue with your provider, there are two steps to take. First, contact the provider, and then, contact the FCC.

Before contacting your ISP, be ready with a clear description of the problem and any original documents or promotions.

Complaining to Your ISP

You can contact your provider by phone, chat support, or email. Service numbers and email addresses can be found online, but are easier to find on bills and statements. Online chat support is available through most ISP websites.

Document all conversations. Screenshot chat-support text, and save emails. Always ask for the support representative’s consent before recording the phone conversation. It is not legal everywhere, and different states have different rules.

If the issue is not resolved, you can contact the FCC. The FCC does not resolve all service issues. Some excluded issues include no dial tone and burial of telephone wires.

Filing a Complaint with the FCC

Visit the website and fill out a short form. You can also call or email your complaint. You will need to include a description of the problem, any documentation, your email, and the type of internet issue.

Actionable internet issues include: availability, billing, equipment, interference, net neutrality (throttling/blocking sites), privacy, and speed

The complaint is reviewed by the FCC. If your ISP violated a rule, they direct your provider to contact you within 30 days and resolve the issue. This complaint is kept on file with the FCC and is part of your ISP’s record. The FCC regulates these companies by tracking complaints and violations.

We are internet dependent; it’s in our best interest to participate in determining ISP policy. The collective consumer data of the FCC can influence regulations and investigations, giving consumers a say.