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It is 12 am and this is my first gluten-free post. I recently had an article published in Nupathe and (although it is far from my best writing) it is the first thing I have ever had published!

So I realized, “I have to get my shi* together to promote this article!”

I am a new freelancer, and I know some of my first work is going to be bad…plus take hours to write. What I hope, is all this experience (and working until 12 am) makes me a better writer and truthfully, lands me some more writing jobs.

Even though I am nervous about this article I have to put it out there, and if anyone reads this, I hope you will help me spread it around the interweb (internet).

Celiac Disease and intolerance is a real issue for so many people, and it goes undiagnosed. It is so easy to have the blood panel, and although changing your diet is hard, the effects of continued gluten exposure could be harder on your health. This article lays out some facts about Celiac, and the impact it has on your immune system. It also lists symptoms and long-term effects. If you can relate, or you know someone who can, send them this article and tell them to get the blood panel.

Article – Get Tested for Celiac Disease Today

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