Eventually, we all have problems with our internet. Whether it's a giant bill or the wifi doesn't work, there is no choice but to contact our internet provider.

So, we search through the labyrinth that is an ISP website for a phone number, yet all we can find is chat support. Then, when we finally locate a phone number and call, we are put on hold and bounced from recording to person to person. By the time we are talking to a "manager" we are wondering if this actually accomplishes anything. Then, as our next bill arrives, or we try to log on to our new wifi, we discover nothing has changed. The bill is still huge, the wifi is still not working, and we wasted a whole afternoon!

It's enough to make a person wish for a time without the internet- like the stone age... or the 80's.

Thankfully its not the stone age. It's 2018 and the FCC has our backs.


Filing a Complaint with the FCC

Somewhat ironically, you can visit the FCC website and fill out a short form to file your internet complaint (so hopefully your wifi works.) If you don't have internet access, you can also call or email your complaint. You need to include a description of the problem, any documentation, and the type of internet issue.

The FCC does not resolve all issues and once submitted, your complaint is reviewed by the FCC. If the FCC finds your ISP violated a rule, they direct your provider to contact you within 30 days and resolve the issue. That's it! No sitting on hold or making calls, the ISP will call you, eager to hear your complaint. The FCC regulates these internet companies, so they will make sure your problem finally is fixed.

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